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Palette Cleanser

A multimedia installation

This piece is a dive into the quiet, the still, the tempest. It is a curated space centered around bringing a sense of tranquility. Here, anyone feeling overwhelmed by working with, going against, or trying to understand change can come here to get recharged and get refreshed. You’ll find mirrors, windows, droplets of water and the midst of crushing waves.

Painting & Installation: Image
Painting & Installation: Image

Materials: Paint, led lights, tissue paper, twine, mirrors.
Sound: rain drops, soft acoustic curated playlist.

Painting & Installation: Image


9 artists were commissioned to transform a soon-to-be-torn-down home into a creative studio to explore the role of gentrification in Toronto. Considering the general heaviness around this topic, I hoped to create a room that offers a breather in the same space that holds the conversation.
In creating this installation, my greatest desire was to build a thank offering to the God who has saved my life and given me more than I could ever imagine receiving. The God who knows me and sees me.
I was inspired by the altar Jacob, in the bible, built when he realized that angels were ascending and descending over his (quite guilty) head. Awestruck, he built an altar for the God who set eternity in the human heart.

So, when people called it serene, refreshing, peaceful, a breath of fresh air and a 'palette cleanser', I knew this  was an ode to the kind of joy I’ve experienced in Christ. Besides, the ability to create that experience for others was—and still is—humbling.

Painting & Installation: Image
Painting & Installation: Image

Audience Engagement

Painting & Installation: Image
Painting & Installation: Image
Painting & Installation: Image
Painting & Installation: Image
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