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Doc Institute's New Vision's Incubator

From starting our bootcamp with filmmakers Sherien Barsoum and Chanda Chevannes to meeting extraordinary people at the Regent Park Film Festival, who isn't ready to take on the world?
Role: Emerging filmmaker.

Cinderella: An African Retelling

This play was a huge leap in faith. Shy and terrified. I learned how to bring my best every rehearsal and every time on the stage. And boy was it worth it!
Role: Actor.


A Night of African Storytelling

Folkloric stories read by professors, food that tastes like home, and music by Nhapitapi in their native tongues while playing the mbira.

It was pure, calm bliss.

Role: Curator.


An Afrofuturistic fashion show by Chinedu Ukabam of Supafrik.
Role: Studio Artist.

Experience: Projects
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